The Deafblind Technical Assistance Program (DBTAP) provides consultation services upon request offered to parents/families of children with combined hearing-vision loss and to the educators who work with and support them. Project consultants who have experience working with children with vision loss, hearing loss, and the combination of vision-hearing loss are assigned based on their area of expertise, regional locale, and the needs of the child being referred to the project. Based upon the reason for the consultation request, the consultant observes the child, makes suggestions and recommendations, and/or demonstrates techniques that parents and providers can use when working with the child. A DBTAP visit, which requires parental consent, can be requested by a parent, educator, or anyone working with a deafblind child provided the child is registered on the OCDBE census. The DBTAP Request for Technical Assistance On-Site Consultation form can be found on the OCDBE website (

DBTAP Request Form

Click here for more information about DBTAP.

DBTAP Postsecondary Transition Consultation for Students with Combined Hearing-Vision Loss (Eng) | (Spanish Version)

If you would like to register a child for the Ohio Deafblind Census, information and the census registration form can also be found on the OCDBE website ( Click here for a direct link to the online registration form.

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