OCDBE provides opportunities for parents to support their individual needs and to assist them in increasing their knowledge and developing skills to use when working with their child.

Parent-to-Parent Peer Mentoring Program

The Parent-to-Parent Peer Mentoring Program enables parent to learn from other parents who are going through similar experiences with their children. The program is open to both new parents and parents who have worked with OCDBE for a number of years. Parent peer mentoring enables parents to communicate with other parents on an ongoing basis, at critical transition points (e.g., elementary to middle school, middle school to high school), or at various stages of development.

If you are interested in having a mentor or in serving as a mentor to another parent, click here

Parent Scholarship Program

Opportunities, such as conferences, trainings, and workshops are often provided on topics of interest to parents of children who have deafblindness. To offset some of the expenses associated with attending these events, OCDBE offers a limited number of parent scholarships each year on a first come-first served basis to parents that request assistance. If a parent is interested in applying for a scholarship, the Scholarship Request Form must be completed and approved prior to attending the event. After review of the application, the parent will be contacted regarding the scholarship request. Parents who receive scholarships are required to submit receipts documenting reimbursable costs.

To access the Scholarship Request Form, click here.

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