Yearly, OCDBE sponsors a weekend Parent Retreat for parents of children with deafblindness, ages 3 through 21 years. The retreat is designed to provide parents with opportunities to network with other parents of children with deafblindness, learn new information regarding deafblindness, and develop skills for working with their children.

Topics presented at Parent Retreats have included: strategies to use in working with children with deafblindness, information related to the development of a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP), transition of children from early intervention to school-age and from high school to adulthood, Universal Design for Learning, and more.

Parent input is used to design each year’s Parent Retreat, incorporating relevant content, delivery formats, opportunities for networking among parents, and opportunities for respite. Parents’ attendance at the Retreat is supported through stipends, which are intended to offset child care and related costs, and by covering the costs of overnight lodging, meals, and meeting materials.

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The 2019 OCDBE Parent Retreat

The 2019 Parent Retreat, held at Deer Creek State Park in May, welcomed parents from all over Ohio. The annual event is an opportunity for parents to reconnect with old friends, meet parents participating for the first time, and become familiar with information and strategies to support their children.

Dr. Melinda Wolford, School Psychologist, has extensive knowledge, information, skills and experiences related to deafblindness. She is a consultant to parents, educators, and school districts on issues related to children with deafblindness.   The focus of Dr. Wolford’s weekend presentation was “Facilitating Communication Competence in Children with Low Incidence Disabilities: Implication of Sensory Issues and Behavior on Communication. Parents were provides and understanding of the causes of behavior, related sensory issues, the impact of behavior on communication, and strategies for parents to address behavior and communication.

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