The 2018 Midwest Transition Institute was a Success! 

The 2018 Midwest Transition Institute (MTI), held in Wisconsin, was a success. MTI provides teens and young adults with an opportunity to meet peers who are also deafblind, engage with mentors who have recently accomplished the transition to adulthood that the participating teen or young adult is about to begin, and develop a transition plan with specific next steps for transitioning to adulthood. Each participant has a peer mentor throughout the Institute and may have the opportunity to return to future Institutes as a mentor. 

While participants are learning about the importance of self-advocacy and identification as a member of the deafblind community from adults with deafblindness, their parents are learning about the transition process from high school to adulthood. 

States participating in the Midwest Transition Institute include Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio. 

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